Purpose of this blog

In the modern era, setting and achieving your financial goals is no longer limited to the lucky few, but those with an internet connection and the time to educate themselves on the right subjects. The difficulty is knowing what to look for in the vast sea of information available!

Modern Investing was created with the intention of sharing experiences on the best way for you to save, make, and manage your money, depending on your financial goals. I believe that proper management of your personal finances is a skill that anyone can benefit from and is relatively simple to learn.

This blog will cover some of the lessons I have learned as a young saver & investor, along with my take on the financial news that will affect you and your hard earned cash. I will also offer my opinion on various investment opportunities available to the average retail investor.

Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, it is never too late to take charge of your personal finances.

About Me

I am a young accountant with a background in audit at a big 4 accountancy firm.  My interests lie in investing, finance in general and accountancy.